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New York Teacher Exposed For Telling Male Student To Eat Her Clappas



Teacher Busted For Engaging In Sexually Inappropriate Behaviors With Male Students

Teacher Busted For Engaging In Sexually Inappropriate Behaviors With Male Students

The female teachers in New York are wilding out! According to an exclusive report by the @nypost , newly released reports from the Special Commissioner of Investigation for New York City schools documented multiple cases of sexually-charged behavior by female teachers and aides in the city’s public schools.

One of these includes a teacher who went completely overboard with her students by sending pictures of her vagina and asking students to eat her clappas via text!

Natalie Black, 27, a teacher at Hillside Arts and Letters Academy in Queens, sent at least 15 raunchy snaps of herself “in lingerie or nude” to a 17-year-old male student beginning in late 2021, an SCI report said.

By March 2022, the report found, Black’s bad behavior escalated: she showed male students photos of her vagina, pulled down her pants in a student’s home and told him to “eat my ass,” and sent kids videos of herself “deep throating” a liquor bottle and dancing naked from the waist down.

What makes it worse is the school knew of the investigation by the SCI, but didn’t inform members or students at the school. Black even refused to cooperate with the investigators, and was removed from her position with the Department of Education.

The SCI report recommended that Black be permanently removed from the DOE workforce, “given her total unfitness as a pedagogue.” The DOE declined to provide Black’s employment status.

The crazy part about the story is that Black wasn’t the only horny a** teacher! The report found at least 4 other teachers around the city who engaged in inappropriate behavior, including a teacher who showed her breasts to her pre-K class during a zoom class while she was getting a monogram at the doctor’s office. Another teacher was caught exchanging nearly 5,500 “very flirtatious,” “sexual tension”-filled texts with a boy in one of her 11th-grade math classes at another school in the area.

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