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Malcolm Little Mugshot When He Was Arrested For Theft/Burglary Surface



Mugshot Of Malcolm Little When He Was Arrested For Theft/Burglary Resurface Online

Mugshot Of Malcolm Little When He Was Arrested For Theft/Burglary Resurface Online

Resurfaced mugshot of Malcom Little is now going viral. When Malcolm went to retrieve a stolen watch from a repair shop, he was arrested for theft/burglary. He later went on to become Malcom X.

“Shows that anybody can make history no matter their beginning,” someone commented. “This was when his nickname was red before he went to prison and changed his life,” another person wrote.

Malcolm X (born Malcolm Little, later Malik el-Shabazz; May 19, 1925 – February 21, 1965) was an American Muslim minister and human rights activist who was a prominent figure during the civil rights movement.

A spokesman for the Nation of Islam until 1964, he was a vocal advocate for Black empowerment and the promotion of Islam within the Black community. A posthumous autobiography, on which he collaborated with Alex Haley, was published in 1965.

Malcolm spent his adolescence living in a series of foster homes or with relatives after his father’s death and his mother’s hospitalization. He committed various crimes, being sentenced to 10 years in prison in 1946 for larceny and burglary. In prison he joined the Nation of Islam (adopting the name Malcolm X to symbolize his unknown African ancestral surname while discarding “the white slavemaster name of ‘Little'”), and after his parole in 1952 quickly became one of the organization’s most influential leaders.

He was the public face of the organization for 12 years, advocating Black empowerment and separation of Black and white Americans, and criticizing Martin Luther King Jr. and the mainstream civil rights movement for its emphasis on nonviolence and racial integration.

On February 21, 1965, he was assassinated in New York City.

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