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Kanye West Sets To Build Small Universe & Mini City Called ‘Yecosystem’



Kanye West Plans To Build His Own Small Universe & Mini City Called 'Yecosystem'

Kanye West Plans To Build His Own Small Universe & Mini City Called ‘Yecosystem’

Apparently, Kanye West has plans beyond his ambition to run for president of the United States.

In the midst of all the chaos from West’s past month, his team filed a slew of trademark applications that would allow West to create his own mini-community — or as West intends to call it, the “Yecosystem.”

West’s plan for his own small “universe” has been in the works for years, two Yeezy sources confirm to Rolling Stone. The sources describe it as a self-sustained enterprise that would have its own branded homes, retail stores that sell Yecosystem-branded food items and beverages.

The plan is serious, with arrangements to launch the first campus as early as next month, one source says.

Eventually, West hopes to establish these mini-communities across the country, the source says. West’s vision is on par with Steve Jobs, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, another source says, adding that West is adamant on creating something equally as world-changing.

“He’s trying to do shit that people couldn’t even conceive of and he’s trying to make it happen,” they explain. “He comes from a good place. It’s definitely his goal that everything that people touch that’s his is a good thing and has a good impact on the world.”

All signs point to the venture being called “Yecosystem,” as West’s team has registered a website domain for the name, complete with a mail server. It’s possible the name could change, as West is known to switch up plans at the last minute and trademarks have also been filed for Yzyverse, Yxyverse, and Yeezyverse.

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