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Funk Flex Calls Out N.O.R.E. For Pulling Kanye West’s Drink Champs Interview



Funk Flex Addresses Kanye West’s Controversial Drink Champs Interview

Funk Flex has reacted to N.O.R.E. shocking Drink Champs interview with Kanye West and it’s removal.

“N.O.R.E., I don’t know how I feel about the content coming down. I don’t know how to weigh in on that yet. It does bother me that it came down, but N.O.R.E.” he said.

Flex said the rapper should put it back up on Youtube.

“I would really like to see that re-edited and up tomorrow. That I would like, because you know what, when Candace Owens goes on a platform, it stays up. When Donald Trump goes on a platform, it stays up.”

Flex also called out rapper for not speaking up about Ye’s comments.

“I know the rappers… ‘Well, we don’t wanna give it any fuel.’ You’re a liar! You rappers are liars! All you have to do is really say your thoughts without mentioning Kanye’s name, but you don’t because you might do business with him down the line, you want a feature,” Flex said.

“I have not seen one person tied to his label, signed to his label, who has a feature, anybody that works in his office say anything that what Kanye said was bananas.”

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