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Fake Drake ‘Izzy’ Gets TKO’ed In Celebrity Boxing To M2ThaK – Video



Fake Drake Lost By TKO In Celebrity Boxing To M2ThaK

Fake Drake Lost By TKO In Celebrity Boxing To M2ThaK

Fake Drake ‘Izzy’, who’s been making a career off being the real Drake lookalike, got the beaten of his life in a celebrity boxing match against M2THAK.

Izzy Drake, the social media troll who Drake has distanced himself from should probably just throw in the towel on the whole clone thing as well as any chances at a boxing career.

Izzy took a pounding in Atlantic City over the weekend via a Celebrity Boxing match against YouTuber/rapper M2thaK.

Izzy was originally supposed to fight Lamar Odom … but claims real Drake paid him off NOT to fight, which Lamar has denied. M2thaK came out the gate swinging, connecting plenty of jabs to Izzy’s noggin.

The fight was far from a professional bout, both fighters contributed to their own knockdowns, slipping all over the canvas.
But, M2thaK managed to stay consistent for all three rounds … and the refs unanimously handed the dubya to M2thaK — and his fists of fury.

Following the fight, M2thak taunted Izzy with the newest addition to his jewelry collection … the golden Celebrity Boxing championship belt, gloating about how Izzy’s pride got left on the mat.

When you lost the respect of Drake and the redemption fight, it’s probably time to find a new career hustle.

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