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Coolio Died Mysteriously After Starting Anti-Music Streaming Movement



Rapper Coolio Dies After Starting An Anti-Music Streaming Movement

Rapper Coolio Dies Mysteriously After Starting An Anti-Music Streaming Movement

Rapper Coolio died suddenly yesterday. Paramedics suspect that the otherwise healthy 59 year old rapper died from a massive heart attack. But without a full autopsy, we can’t confirm what caused the rapper’s sudden premature death.

And while there are millions of fans expressing well wishes and condolences on social media, one person who was close with the rapper thinks the timing of his death is very coincidental.

You see, last month Coolio began a campaign where he was attempting to organize artists – in particular hip hop artists – to rally against the streaming music platforms. Coolio believed that artists – particularly Black artists – were being systematically underpaid for their contribution to music.

In a video interview last month, Coolio described the movement that he was starting – and he sounded pretty committed to taking on the billion dollar corporations behind the multiple streaming platforms.

In the interview, Coolio sounded resolute in his impending battle against the multi-billion dollar companies, saying, “There’s strength in numbers. The more numbers that you have of like minded people doing things that they think is important – then you have power.”

Coolio continued, “That’s something that I’m going to have to speak up on, and we’ll see who gives a f***.” “When you feel strongly enough about something, you try it anyway . . . and who knows if it’s going to work.”

Coolio’s friend said that Coolio had spoken to other hip hop artists, and was working on getting the artists to come together, to demand more equal treatment from the streaming companies. Unfortunately, Coolio passed away yesterday.


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