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Candace Owens Is Backing Away From Kanye West & Won’t Interview Him



Candace Owens Is Reportedly Backing Away From Kanye West

Candace Owens Is Reportedly Backing Away From Kanye West

Looks like the close friendship between Candace Owens and Kanye West may be coming to an end. It turns out Candace isn’t prepared to mess up her lucrative arrangement with right-wingers to stand up for Ye.

Candace has been slowly “backing away” from Kanye West, ever since his entire brand imploded after he made antisemitic comments on multiple podcasts.

According to a person close to Ye (yeah, he actually still has people close to him) who tells us that Candace has been slowly trying to distance herself from the controversial hip hop star.

Ye’s friend explained, “Candace is privately still supporting Ye, but publicly she is walking a fine line. She works at The Daily Wire, and they don’t want to have to do with any of Ye’s [antisemitic] comments.”

The Daily Wire is being run by Ben Shapiro – an openly Jewish conservative. Candace Owens is employed by The Daily Wire as a writer, pundit, and podcaster. It’s a high salary, and the company works hard to push her profile.

It’s also gathered that Candace has refused to interview Ye for her podcast. Ye has been making the rounds, popping up on just about every right-wing podcast around. But he’s been noticeably absent from Candace’s podcast.

Ye’s friend continued, “Candace gets paid by White people to say horrible things about Black people, not Jewish people. I don’t think she’s about to mess up that bag and take on the issues that Ye is pushing.”

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