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McDonald’s To Introduce Robots Capable Of Making Burgers & Fries



McDonald's Could Introduce Robots Capable Of Making Burgers & Fries Amid Plans To Develop 'Futuristic Stores'

McDonald’s Could Introduce Robots Capable Of Making Burgers & Fries Amid Plans To Develop ‘Futuristic Stores’

McDonald’s is seemingly planning to welcome a new set of changes to their restaurants in the near future, which includes the implementation of an AI program that acts as the customer’s cashier.

According to a report via The Sun, the fast food chain is looking to make some pretty big changes to develop futuristic stores as artificial intelligence continues to disrupt the world in sectors including tech, health, and food.

Per the British news publication, AI technology is evading businesses across the globe, and in an effort to maintain its position as the highest-grossing fast food company in the world, executives want to welcome the idea of using artificial intelligence that’s going to be very cost efficient in the long run.

By 2030, McDonald’s hopes to have shifted to utilizing “ghost kitchens,” which makes its brand-specific food “exclusively for delivery orders” while robots could seamlessly help out in the kitchen. This would include cooking burgers, making fries and ice cream. It’s also mentioned that the firm currently has no plans to replace robots for employees when it does make the switch — if anything, they’d want to use the robots as a helping hand to keep the business running smoothly.

But it certainly does make you wonder whether AI technology, which refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans, will eventually lay off people with jobs that the robot can do just as well.

Due to the current skyrocketing costs to welcome robots to each and every store, it will take years before McDonald’s would give the thumbs up to officially move over to AI technology, but plans to make the switch are definitely being discussed, the report added.

In other related news, the firm made headlines last month when an employee named Matthew Webb, 23, was shot and killed at one of its stores in Brooklyn, New York after a customer had complained she had been served cold fries.

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