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Kodak Black Reacts To PnB Rock’s Death, Tells His Girlfriend To Kill Herself



Kodak Black Reacts To The Tragic Passing Of PnB Rock

Kodak Black Reacts To The Tragic Passing Of PnB Rock

We recently shared the heartbreaking news that rapper PnB Rock has died after he was shot while eating at Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles with his girlfriend.

He was pronounced dead at an L.A. area hospital Monday, where he was rushed just minutes after the shooting.

PnB Rock was shot Monday afternoon while dining with his baby mama, IG model Steph Sibounheuang, at Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles restaurant. A source connected to the restaurant tells us the shooter appeared to have targeted PnB in a robbery.

Fans and fellow celebrities have since been reacting to the tragic death of PnB Rock. However, Kodak Black’s reaction has got people talking. The Florida rapper in his post tells PnB Rock’s girlfriend to better kill herself.

“Big jets only jets anyways. Mannn I been low all day due to headache I had earlier so I’m jus getting to the news fr,” Yak began. “Ion usually speak on deaths, go to funeral or nun kuz life goes on but.”

He continued, “Smh PnB was my boy I was just otp with em last night. We be talking bout him coming back and popping his sh*t again in this rap sh*t. That hoe might as well kill herself,” Kodak Black added.

PnB Rock posted video of himself wearing expensive jewelry earlier in the day. It’s also gathered that his girlfriend posted the location where they were eating before the incident happened.


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