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Azealia Banks Calls Nicki A Pedophile & A Drug Addict



Azealia Banks Claims Nicki Minaj Has Been Paying Barbz To Spread Hate & Ruin Her Competitions Career

Azealia Banks Claims Nicki Minaj Has Been Paying Barbz To Spread Hate & Ruin Her Competitions Career

Azealia Banks Says Nicki Minaj’s Husband Kenneth Petty Is A Plant

Azealia Banks is back with more harsh words for Nicki Minaj, this time posting several videos to her Instagram Story in which she told the mother of one how she really feels about her.

The rant began with the “212” artist addressing Minaj’s claims of being in the midst of curating three defamation lawsuits aimed at people who have thrown dirt on her name in the past.

In response to this, the Harlem-born recording artist dubbed the 39-year-old “not very smart” before explaining why she apparently can’t sue for defamation, also pointing out that her lyrics could be used against her.

“What’s most pitiful to me about all of this is the fact that we have a grown woman who is soliciting underage Barbz, or whatever, you know,” Banks continued. “Paying them money, like you know, minuscule amounts of money – maybe like $400, maybe $50,000. $50,000 is nothing in today’s economy – to f*ck up their records and f*ck up their reputation.”

The 31-year-old asked Minaj, “Why do you you have them incriminating themselves on public forum? You are not a gangsta. You are a bad gangsta.”

“At the very end of the day, you piss off the wrong bitch, all the bitch has to do is make an anonymous CPS call to your f*cking house,” Azealia’s attack on the “Moment 4 Life” songstress went on. “They’ll make you open the safe, they’ll search for drugs, they’ll search for everything.”

“Nicki, you’re kinda a f*cking pedophile,” the “Anna Wintour” artist declared. “Nicki, you gotta go. You gotta go! Cuz you talk all this ‘Queen of Rap’ shit, but you haven’t made a better song than me or Cardi B in the last f*cking six years. You will never have the f*cking dexterity that I have.”

Azealia told the Trinidadian-born performer that she’s “not brave enough to write a f*cking good song,” adding that it could be blamed on the “post-partum depression [or] the drug withdrawal.”

“I don’t know,” the songwriter said in conclusion. “But I don’t even listen to the bullshit you just put out, like who are any of those people on that f*cking remix? So yeah, Nicki, I would suggest you check yourself into rehab now.”

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1 Comment

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