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Shaq O’Neal Says The Earth Is Flat: “My Plane Flew Straight For 20 Hours”



Shaq O’Neal Reveals Why He Believes The Earth Is Flat

Shaquille O’Neal still isn’t convinced the Earth is round — especially since his plane recently “flew straight” instead of diagonal.

“It’s a theory, It’s just a theory, they teach us a lot of things,” O’Neal commented when asked on “The Kyle & Jackie O Show” if he stood by comments he made in 2017 about the earth being flat.

He then used his recent flight from the US to Australia as an example to bolster his scientific theories. “I flew 20 hours today, not once did I go this way,” he said, gesturing his arm diagonally. “I flew straight,” before adding that he “didn’t tip over” or “go upside down” during the journey.

Radio host Kyle Sandiland inquired how someone could fly to the other side of the world in different directions. “It’s still a straight line,” the former athlete, 50, opined, “you don’t go under.”

The NBA legend — who does not hold any science degrees — also shared his doubts on whether the Earth actually spins. “You know they say the world is spinning? I’ve been living on a house on a lake for 30 years, not once did the lake rotate to the left or right,” he explained.

O’Neal added that he enjoys listening to theories: “It’s not about figuring them out, or he’s wrong or he’s right – it’s just a theory.” The former Miami Heat player has spoken up about his flat-earth theories before when he chatted with co-host John Kincade on “The Big Podcast with Shaq,” saying, “It’s true. The Earth is flat.”

“So know that when Shaquille O’Neal says something, 80 percent of the time I’m being humorous, and it is a joke. And 20 percent of the time, I’m being serious. But when I’m being serious, you’ll know.”

O’Neal is currently in Australia — which is also known as the Land Down Under — for a speaking event.

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