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OTF Member Memo600 Reacts To Quando Rondo & Lul Pab Shooting



Memo600 Taunts Quando Rondo Following Shooting That Left Lul Pab Dead

We reported earlier that Quando Rondo was shot last night, and his best friend was killed, in an ambush. Prayers are currently up for the rapper following the loss of his friend Lul Pab.

It’s gathered that a group of masked men ambushed Rondo and his friends and began raining gunfire on the crew.

Preliminary reports say that Quando Rondo was shot multiple times – and is currently in stable condition – but his friend, Lul Pab, was killed during the altercation. No further details are available at the time of publication.

Just in time, OTF member Memo600 has now reacted to the shooting. Taking to his Instagram story, Memo600 taunted Quando Rondo with a message that reads; “Wea is y’all pipe?”

Reports reaching us at Dreddsworld is that the ambush that led to Lul Pab’s dead was in retaliation for the murder of fellow rapper King Von. This assassination attempt stems from the belief that Quando and his crew are responsible for killing popular Chicago drill artist King Von.

Von was at a lounge in Georgia when his crew got into a scuffle with Rondo’s entourage. The rising Chicago star was shot and killed, and authorities allege that Rondo’s friend, Lul Tim, was the person responsible.

Since King Von’s death, multiple Chicago goons have been looking to exact revenge on the Atlanta rapper. This isn’t the first time that assassins were sent to get Quando, who many believe was indirectly responsible for the leegendary King Von’s Killing.



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