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Nigeria Bans Foreign Models From TV Ads To Limit White Models & Actors



Nigeria Set To Ban Foreign Models From TV Ads In An Effort To Focus On Homegrown Talent

Nigeria wants to keep its attention on its homegrown talent as far as TV commercials are concerned, which is why they are said to be banning foreign models from appearing in televised adverts and voiceover work.

The decision was made after a previous study revealed how foreign talent had quite literally dominated the advertising market — but the country is now hoping to rectify this by only allowing its own kind to front upcoming commercial projects.

Steve Babaeko, who is Nigeria’s President of the Association of Advertising Agencies, expressed to The Sunday Times, “Britons accounted for about half of models and voiceover artists in Nigerian commercials a couple of decades ago.” British accents, in particular, had led most of the market up until recent years where more Nigerian locals were hired to front TV commercials.

But starting this October, as part of the “policy of developing local talent,” foreign models and voiceover artists will no longer be featured in TV ads. Furthermore, Babaeko believes that there has been “some kind of renaissance” in the country that has seen a lot of rising talent emerge, particularly among young people. With that in mind, Babeko added, “There are about 200 million of us. Are you telling me you could not find indigenous models for this commercial?”

Adverts for the Nigerian TV market weren’t always shot in the country itself. Some companies would shoot their commercials abroad and have them placed into certain time slots, which ultimately meant that Nigerians were left out of being able to get work due to the fact that a heap of ads was not even being shot there, to begin with.

There had already been some restrictions put in place in the past, which meant that any foreign model appearing in commercials in Nigeria would have to pay 100,000 Naira (which is around $240) through the company that hired them to be part of the production.

One of the first ad agencies that helped spark the change for others to follow suit was AMV BBDO, who began hiring local actors, models, and crew members to put together their “Black Shines Brightest” campaign for Guinness. Nigeria has reportedly seen the value of its advertising industry skyrocket to $450 million as of 2021.

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