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Martell Holt Drags Melody, Claims She Slept With His Frat & Attorney



Martell Holt Goes In On Melody Holt, Says She's Had 24 Babysitters

Martell Holt Goes In On Melody Holt, Says She’s Had 24 Babysitters

Well, it seems the legal battle between “Love and Marriage: Huntsville” stars Melody Holt and Martell Holt is becoming more intense by the day. Martell tied Melody in another legal battle regarding full custody of their children. As reported earlier, Martell is furious Melody had her brother Marcus and his husband watching their children.

This has resulted in some accusing him of being homophobic. LAMH fans had many speculations about the case including Destiny Payton testifying on Martell’s behalf. Destiny denied this.

Fans recently speculated that Melody won the case. But Melody recently explained the trial hasn’t begun. Well, Martell explained his side of the story and took shots at Melody and her brother Marcus Minnifield. This resulted in Melody responding in kind, and Melody did to hold back. Not only is she ready to fully explain it all, but Melody also had some words for Marsau Scott, too.

While Melody spent time with the kids in Nashville, Martell hopped on Instagram Live. 

While confirming the case is delayed, he denied Melody’s explanation. Martell explained his attorney’s parent passed away which caused an almost three-week delay in paperwork being filed with the court. However, Melody alleged that Martell has failed to submit documentation on multiple instances.

He then accused Melody of having 23 different babysitters and doubled down on not having Marcus Minnifield and his husband watch their kids.

Melody quickly caught wind of this post, and in a series of posts to Facebook and Instagram, she fired off in response. She first let bloggers and YouTubers know she’s ready to fly a few in for an exclusive sit-down to explain everything regarding her and Martell. Melody then talked about the alleged $17,000 Martell took from their joint account during their divorce.

Later in the response, she calls out Martell for the premise of the custody battle. Not only did Melody say the kids are with her most of the time, but Martell also didn’t attend court-ordered therapy. She then accused Martell of having his utilities cut off.

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