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Fulton County DA Speaks On Using Rap Lyrics To Indict Drug Rich Hect Gang



“If You Decide To Admit Your Crimes Over A Beat, I’m Gonna Use It” – Fulton County D.A. Says On Using Rap Lyrics To Indict Another Gang

We reported earlier that rapper DrugRixh Hect and his gang have been arrested and are the recent victims to RICO after Young Thug’s YSL case. DrugRixh Hect and his gang have allegedly been doing home invasions of celebrities and others in North Fulton County.

“The press conference is going to be about the 220-count indictment released last week of the DrugRixh gang, which had been allegedly doing home invasions of celebrities and others in north Fulton County,” George Chidi reports.

“Yes, there are rappers in it, DrugRixh Hect being the most prominent. Among others, the crew allegedly robbed the houses of Mariah Carey and ”Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Marlo Hampton. They also are accused of kidnapping a teenager and her mother in a Northside Drive home invasion in October.”

Well, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis issued a warning to Atlanta rappers at a press conference on Monday (August 29). Willis said she will continue to use rap lyrics to prosecute alleged criminals. The D.A. spoke to reporters following the indictment of 26 Drug Rich gang members in a RICO case.

“I think if you decide to admit your crimes over a beat, I’m gonna use it,” Willis declared. Willis also denied claims that she’s targeting Atlanta rappers.

“I’m not targeting anyone,” she said. “However, you do not get to commit crimes in my county and then decide to brag on it, which you do that for a form of intimidation and to further the gang, and not be held responsible.”

Willis told Atlanta rappers to avoid detailing illegal activity on songs if they don’t want it used as evidence against them. “People can continue to be angry about it,” she said. “I have some legal advice: don’t confess to crimes on rap lyrics if you do not want them used or at least get out of my county.”


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