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Charleston White Allegedly Snitched On Fetty Wap



Charleston White Accused Of Snitching On Fetty Wap, Getting His Bond Revoked

Charleston White Accused Of Snitching On Fetty Wap, Getting His Bond Revoked

Blogger Charleston White is known for his outrageous behavior on social media. He frequently blasts rappers, and brags about his willingness to “snitch” on then – to get them incarcerated.

While many believed that Charleston’s willingness to “snitch” on rappers and get them locked up was just a comedic sketch – now people are believing that he really is on that type of time.

Yesterday, we reported that rapper Fetty Wap – who is currently out on bail for allegedly selling drugs – had his bail revoked. According to the arrest warrant, prosecutors claim that Fetty waved a gun on facetime and threatened to kill a man who called Fetty “a rat” AKA a snitch.

Officials say Fetty’s possession of the firearm violated the conditions put in place when Fetty was released from custody on a $500K bond following his arrest in October 2021 on drug trafficking charges. Fetty is now in custody and the judge revoked his bond.

The arrest warrant did not mention who that man is. But reports reaching us at Dreddsworld is that dozens of people, including some close to Fetty Wap himself – are suggesting that the man who Fetty waved a firearm at may have been social media star Charleston White.

Here’s a video of Charleston discussing Fetty Wap last year. In the video, he suggests that Fetty should “snitch” to avoid prison time.

Charleston previously snitched on another rapper Yella Beezy, who threatened him in the past.

In a video, which Charleston posted online, he called police on live and tried to get rapper Yella Beezy violated for probation. Yella Cheesy allegedly told Charleston that he planned to “slap” the blogger when he saw him.

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