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50 Cent Say He Won’t Do A G-Unit Reunion Project



“I’m Done With Carrying Them Around. My Back Hurt” - 50 Cent On G-Unit Project

“I’m Done With Carrying Them Around. My Back Hurt” – 50 Cent On G-Unit Project

G-Unit fans will be disappointed as 50 Cent said the group will never come together to record and release a reunion album.

“I probably won’t do a project with them,” 50 said on The Breakfast Club. “I’m done with carrying them around. My back hurt.”

Fif clarified that he’s still cool with Tony Yayo and he’s the exception to the rule. “[Yayo] is a different animal> If he does something wrong, I don’t care what magnitude of it is, he’ll go, ‘My bad.’ And he’ll go, ‘Aight.’ And we just keep going ’til the next time he does something wrong,” he said.

He continued: “That is our relationship. Now, when you look at Banks, all these other guys, they came in by way of him and they have a different temperament. It’s not like, it’s not the same relationship. So, I don’t necessarily go back to carrying him.

50 Cent also explained why he decided against signing J. Cole around the arrival of his debut mixtape The Come Up in 2007.

“To me J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar…these [type of] artists existed early on when I fell in love with hip-hop, but it was Talib Kweli, it was Mos Def, it was A Tribe Called Quest…Common Sense,” he said. “You know what I’m saying? They really, as dope as they are, it’s smarter rap. Smarter music. The logic, ‘sit down, be humble.’”

While 50 thought Cole and Kendrick’s music was “cool,” he suggested he wasn’t sure “if everybody was ready” for more “conscious” rappers at that time.

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