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Xzibit’s Estranged Wife Claims He’s Hiding $20M In Cash & Playing Broke



Xzibit Is Hiding $20 Million In Cash & Playing Broke, His Estranged Wife Claims

Xzibit Is Hiding $20 Million In Cash & Playing Broke, His Estranged Wife Krista Claims

Xzibit is about to go through a serious divorce war with his soon-to-be ex-wife Krista, who claims the rap star is lying to a court about his massive fortune.

Xzibit and his soon-to-be ex-wife Krista are going through a nasty divorce. Last week, news broke that the rapper had fallen on tough times and could not afford to pay the spousal support Krista is demanding.

Xzibit also claimed Krista was a scammer who illegally signed his name on a document to get a new Bentley, which was eventually repossessed because the rapper couldn’t keep up with the payments. According to Krista, Xzibit is swimming in money. He supposedly earns over $1 million a month through his various cannabis businesses.

However, the rapper doesn’t keep the cash in his bank accounts. According to Krista, Xzibit has a massive fortune in cold hard cash locked away in various safes around California. The rapper’s chatty cousin supposedly told Krista he knows that Xzibit has at least $20 million stored in the various vaults.

And the cousin claims he has first-hand knowledge since he brings Xzibit his cash on demand.

Krista is accusing Xzibit of lying to the court, so he doesn’t have to cut her huge spousal support checks every month. She also maintains that she recently lost her job and cannot financially support her and Xzibit’s young son. Krista claims Xzibit is so cheap that he refuses to pay for his son’s inhalers or haircuts.

Krista could very well be onto something regarding Xzibit’s marijuana businesses.

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