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T.D Jakes Faces Backlash After Saying We Are Raising Our Women To Be Men



Bishop TD Jakes Under Fire For Saying 'We Are Raising Our Women To Be Men'

Bishop T.D Jakes Under Fire For Saying ‘We Are Raising Our Women To Be Men’

Bishop T.D Jakes is receiving some backlash for one of his recent sermons. Jakes stated that women in today’s society are being raised as men.

He went on to say that women aren’t being applauded for being feminine but instead, are being applauded for being “nasty, mean, aggressive, hateful, and possessive.”

Social users took to Instagram to slam the preacher, some even shocked that he would say something like this in 2022. However, some women and men, including rapper Plies, agreed with Jakes’ statement.

Many are saying that the message sounded more like something that came out of the mouth of Kevin Samuels, than from a spiritual leader.

He continued, by criticizing the successes that Black women have had in corporate America, despite the overwhelming obstacles they’re forced to overcome. TD Jakes said, “You are climbing the corporate ladder but we are losing our families.”

He then went on to further blame Black women, and not Black men, for recent failures in our families. TD Jakes screamed at the audience, “I know you can buy your own car, I know you can buy your own house – but until you create a need that [a man] can pour into, [he has] no place in your life.”

The angered pastor continued to berate Black women, saying, “Stop coming home and bragging to me about how much you don’t need me – and wonder why I shy away.”

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