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R. Kelly Claims It Was Aaliyah’s Idea For Them To Get Married



R. Kelly Says He & Aaliyah Never Did Anything Sexual, But It Would Be Different If She Was Older

R. Kelly Says He & Aaliyah Never Did Anything Sexual, But It Would Be Different If She Was Older

R. Kelly reportedly confessed to his doctor that it was Aaliyah’s plan to get married during his psychiatric evaluation before his 30-year sentencing.

According to Radar Online, the psychiatric report was submitted to the courts by his team ahead of the sentencing to try to get the judge to understand Kelly more and potentially get a lesser sentence.

In the report, Kelly details his past relationships with women, specifically the late Aaliyah. Kelly told the doctors that his relationship with Aaliyah was strictly emotional and not sexual. He claimed it was her idea to even get married, not his.

Kelly described how he met Aaliyah when he was 25 and she was 14 through her uncle, Barry Hankerson. Hankerson wanted Kelly to help with Aaliyah’s career. They worked together for two years before it turned romantic, against Aaliyah’s mom, Diane,’s wishes. Aaliyah wanted to continue working with Kelly in Chicago but, Diana wanted her to come back home. Kelly said it led to “conflict between Aaliyah and her mother.”

The report continues with Kelly explaining how the two ended up secretly tying the knot. According to Kelly, Aaliyah came to Chicago by herself to see Kelly and she wanted to get married. Kelly “described feeling like he was in trouble because she was already in Chicago, which was against her parents’ wishes. He told her if they married, she had to go home. They married in a hotel in Chicago. She then went home,” the report stated.

The marriage was annulled three days later, and Aaliyah returned home to her family. Kelly said they talked briefly on the phone after that, but that was the very last time they talked. Kelly insisted to the doctor that he and Aaliyah had no sexual relationship, but he did say that if she was older, it would be a different.

The report didn’t help Kelly’s case, and he was still sentenced to 30 years. I just wish they let Aaliyah rest in peace because she unfortunately cannot defend herself or tell her side of the story.

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