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Quando Rondo Reportedly Suffered Kidney Failure After Lean Overdose



Reason why Quando Rondo Was Rushed To The Hospital Revealed

Reason why Quando Rondo Was Rushed To The Hospital Revealed

We reported earlier that Quando Rondo, 23, is in the hospital fighting for his life. “Pray for me, in da hospital fighting for my life.. #fuClean,” Quando Rondo wrote on his Instagram story.

However, a report currently going viral says the rapper suffered from an overdose, and is now dealing with acute kidney failure.

This report came from a popular Atlanta blogger who told her readers that Quando suffered “acute kidney failure after drinking lean, a concoction of prescription codeine and hard candy mixed in a soft drink.”

Lean is an illicit substance made with Codeine, containing cough syrup, soda, hard candy, occasionally alcohol and the antihistamine, Promethazine. Codeine is derived from the Opium poppy plant (similar to Morphine) and is one of the weaker Opioids.

However, it’s still highly addictive and potentially damaging to the body. It’s possible for an individual to develop a Lean addiction in a relatively short period of time due to the way Opioids short-circuit the brain’s reward response system.

Also known as Purple Drank, Sizzurp, Dirty Sprite and others, Lean became relatively popular in the late 90’s when rappers and other artists were referencing the drink in their music.

Because it is not a packaged and sold product, the makeup and amount of the differing components vary significantly, which makes it quite difficult to study and fully understand all of the effects.

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