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NYC Landlord Desperate To Evict 64-Year-Old Tenant Who’s Made Up To $70K Damages



64-Year-Old Tenant Dug Hole Through Her Third Story Floor That Her Cat Fell Through

64-Year-Old Tenant Dug Hole Through Her Third Story Floor That Her Cat Fell Through

A New York City landlord is desperate to evict his 64 year-old tenant that has caused him problems for years. He claims she has made up to $70,000 in damages and he’s sick of it.

Martin Hanan, Rockaway Beach landlord, says Annamarie Hosang is a tenant from hell. He has exhausted all legal means to get her out, but nothing seems to work.

Hasang has reportedly ripped kitchen cabinets apart, stolen ladders, been rude to other tenants, flooded her apartment, and even dug a hole through her floor that her cat later fell through.

According to Hanan, Hosang hasn’t paid rent since April 2020. He said that she has cost him close to $70,000 dollars in back-rent that she owes, money he has spent fixing damages and paying building violation fees allegedly caused by Hosang.

“She was collecting literal garbage bags literally from all over the area. Not sorting through the garbage. She was bringing trash with dirty diapers and scraps and scraps of food,” the landlord told

Hanan has attempted to get help from the courts and assembly representatives in the area to no avail. Hosang was first able to evade eviction thanks to a COVID relief program aimed at preventing workers who’d lost their jobs from being evicted.

The landlord said the police, fire department and the courts have failed to help him with the complicated process of evicting Hosang. According to the Tenant Safe Harbor Act, tenants are protected from eviction for failing to pay their rent if they claim financial hardship from March 2020 through January 2022.

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