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Method Man Says Rappers Who Use Ghostwriters Can’t Be On Top 5 MCs



Method Man Says Rappers Who Use Ghostwriters Can’t Claim They’re The Best

Method Man Gives His Opinion On Rappers Rappers With Ghostwriters

Method Man doesn’t care about rappers using ghostwriters but he says that if they do, they instantly lose bragging rights.

“I don’t give a f-ck. I mean I don’t give a f-ck but when you wanna talk about top 5 MC’s you already eliminated yourself,” meth told Math Hoffa and the crew.

He continued, “But now with these top 5’s and sh-t motherfuckers is tryna trunk n-ggas with… MC’s and [rapper’s] are different I get that, but if you got MC’s you going off lyrical content I don’t give a f-ck how many records this motherf-cker sold, or what his influence was on the f-cking fashion industry and sh-t like that.”


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“You know certain n-ggas, when you hear they verses, they pay attention because you know this n-gga bout to say some sh-t.”

Chris Brown told Drick Champs in his recent interview that it was okay for singers to use ghostwriters but not rappers.

“It depends on the artist. In the hip-hop standpoint, if you stand on your business, you rapping and you doing your sh-t, we don’t wanna hear about somebody else’s robbery,” Brown said on Drink Champs.

He continued, “So we not gonna respect it from a Hip Hop culture to be like, ‘Man that’s hard that n-gga wrote it for him.’ Like what’re we listening to you for then? We should be listening to this n-gga.”

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