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Method Man Issues Apologizes To Destiny Child Over Past Incident



Method Man Issues Public Apology To Destiny Child Over Past Incident:

Method Man Issues Public Apology To Destiny Child Over Past Incident

Method man recently opened up about some of his struggles early in his career and explained the “pressure got too much for him” when he was popping ‘E-pills.’ The rapper/actor said he didn’t like himself when he was on pills so he would be mean to everyone he came across.

The ‘how high’ actor detailed how he took a lot of misery out on artist at Def Jam and admitted that they did not deserve that.

“I had an episode with Beyonce and this is me being miserable. I had met them overseas with J and the girls were there, that’s when it was still four of them the original members. I always kept it in my head that these are some decent young ladies and sh*t. Fast forward now its three members they got the two new members. We were at Janet Jackson’s Icon. I remember we had just came off stage and where we were sitting at it was nothing but VIP’s.”

He continues to explain the moment he saw Destiny Child at the event. “I see the girls so you know I got out my seat to go over and say what’s up to them. This is me still in my low self esteem era, but I’m thinking this is me in my comfort zone and I’m going to say what’s up to the girls, I love them. I’m just going to say hi. When I said hi, they didn’t even turn around to acknowledge me.”

The rapper then said he felt like the r&b group sh*tted on him by not speaking to him and later during the night he said the singers attempted to shake hands with him and he told them to “go head with that Hollywood sh*t”

“To this day that sh*t hurt my heart because neither Kelly, Beyonce nor Michelle ever did any fu*king thing to me. But me being so miserable in that fu*king moment I felt like they weren’t treating me the way I should’ve been treated and who was I to think like about these girls. They’re here to promote themselves and break records and things of that nature and it wasn’t about me it was about fu*king Janet Jackson.”

He then takes a moment to look in the camera and issue a public apology to Destiny Child. “And to this day I still don’t think I ever apologized for that. I apologize to Beyonce, I apologize to Kelly Rowland and Michele. Y’all did not deserve that at all!”

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