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Kim Burrell Compliments Church Goers After Calling Them Ugly: ‘Y’all So Pretty’



Kim Burrell Calls Church Goers 'Pretty' After Previously Calling Them 'Ugly'

Kim Burrell Calls Church Goers ‘Pretty’ After Previously Calling Them ‘Ugly’

Kim Burrell faced heavy backlash after a video of her calling church goers ugly surfaced online. Kim made the disparaging remarks while visiting a church.

Following the backlash from folks online, the Gospel singer issued an apology and again she’s retracting her words.

In a new video from another church program, Kim Burrell tried cleaning her mess by calling the attendees pretty. “Y’all so pretty,” she said. “Is that better?” Burrell sarcastically asked.

“I’m sorry. I mean it. I mean that. Not from the letter — from my heart. I released a letter two days ago. It did not convey right at all, and I must tell you this: It was from an attorney that asked me to do it because the latter part… it was offensive,” Burrell previously in a video on Instagram, referring to a since-deleted statement she initially released to address the controversy.

Burrell continued, “It was offensive. It shouldn’t have been. It was not my intent for it to be… My friends called me and said, ‘No, there are still people who are hurt from the part of them that they love about you. Come back.'”

“That’s not the only reason I came back, because I said they still didn’t feel my heart. I came back because I do love you. This ain’t about dates, this ain’t about keeping my career — this is about keeping the love real.”

She added, “I’m really truly sorry. I did not want to hurt you, I don’t want to hurt you, I don’t plan on hurting you, and I pray that you will heal from this. I’m sorry from the bottom of my heart. I love you. Wait and see. I do.”

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