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Kevin Samuels Cause Of Death Ruled As Hypertension



Kevin Samuels Died At 57 From Hypertension

Kevin Samuels Died At 57 From Hypertension

Couple of months back, YouTuber Kevin Samuels reportedly died of Cardiac during a romantic encounter with a Caucasian woman he had just met.

However, according to new reports reaching us at Dreddsworld, Kevin Samuels died as a result of hypertension, eliminating any possible suspicious circumstances surrounding the 57-year-old’s death.

The Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office just released findings into Samuels’ death, telling us he died due to hypertension — high blood pressure. The ME says, “Evidence of hypertension includes a heart whose chambers are thicker than normal.”

It appears Samuels was also taking a medication called Atenolol, because the ME notes in their findings that the medication is used to treat hypertension.

Samuels’s death is classified as due to natural causes. Kevin often described himself as a “high value man” and said that women would need to meet a high bar in order to get a man in his category.

One of Kevin’s friends who has been in touch with his family claims that Kevin was “deeply” in debt with less than $1K in account.

Atlanta Pastor, Jamal Bryant, slammed the recently deceased Kevin Samuels for having a GoFundMe set up for his funeral. Pastor Jamal later apologized and representatives for Kevins estate have since denied this claim, refusing to collect money from the GoFundMe set up.

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