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Jela Fights Rollie & Chrisean Rock Jumps In On ‘Baddies South’ – Video



Jela And Rollie Fight Dirty On 'Baddies South' And Chrisean Rock Jumps In

Jela And Rollie Fight Dirty On ‘Baddies South’ And Chrisean Rock Jumps In

In the southern spin-off of popular ‘Baddies’ franchise, a new crop of bad girls are looking to take the entire Dirty South by storm in a decked-out tour bus.

Along the way, they’ll crash in luxurious homes, host and perform at the hottest clubs and parties, tap into the wild and dark side of southern culture and prove why they are the baddest girls around.

The ladies have been involved in multiple fights including Blueface’s girlfriend Chrisean Rock. On ‘Baddies South’ new episode tonight on Zeus, Jela fights Rollie and Chrisean Rock jumps in.

The teaser video from the fight scene has since gone viral on social media, garnering mixed reactions from folks online.

“Nah Jela and Rock the top dogs without them nobody be watching it fr well ik I won’t but fr rock is the show and that’s why they put her on it tbh,” a fan commented.

“Rollie pollie that’s what she’s doing on the ground,” another user wrote. “Rollie got rolled up child,” someone else joked.

In an interview with Fox back in 2020, Chrisean revealed her r father was in prison for much of her childhood, and her mother struggled to keep a home while battling a drug addiction.

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