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Fatum Stole Drew’s Purse & Took It To Sheree’s Room To Look Through It



Fatum Alford Stole Drew's Purse & Took It To Sheree's Room To Look Through It

Fatum Alford Stole Drew Sidora’s Purse & Took It To Sheree’s Room To Look Through It

Drew Sidora does not like Fatum Alford and for good reason. During her first season on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Drew was open about her marital issues with her husband, Ralph Pittman.

This season, Ralph has been the source of rumors. There are rumblings that Drew’s husband might be gay.

Sheree Whitfield’s friend, Fatum Alford, joined the show, and immediately took on those rumors. In Fatum’s first conversation with Drew, she accused Ralph of being gay. Fatum went as far as to say she had evidence that she had someone look into.

In a recent episode, Drew and Fatum began arguing, and it almost came to blows. The argument saw Drew barking at Fatum, which left Kandi Burruss confused.

Well, new reports reaching us at Dreddsworld is that Fatum Alford stole Drew Sidora’s purse and took it to Sheree Whitfield’s room to look through it.

“So Fatum stole Drew’s purse, took it into Sheree’s room on the Blue Ridge trip & was trying to look through it but production stopped her so then she was no longer allowed to film? Yeah, that’s a VIOLATION! If someone idk or like steals my purse there’s going to be a melee,” a report reads.

“So I just finished watching Speak On It with Fatum & yes she “stole” Drew’s purse but she said it was all in fun/just a joke. It wasn’t a good idea since they don’t get along but she didn’t seem to have malicious intent. I like Fatum & hope she stays a friend of the show.”

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