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Dwight Eubanks Can’t Breathe Again After Getting Nose Job



Dwight Gets Nose Job And Now Having Difficulty Breathing

Dwight From Atlanta Housewives Gets Nose Job And Now Having Difficulty Breathing

Dwight Eubanks is best known as the dapper Atlanta stylist who had one of the worst nose jobs that we’ve ever seen.

According to reports reaching us at Dreddsworld, Dwight is still a suave and debonair gentleman – but now has his nose fixed.

People close to the former Real Housewives of Atlanta star said that a few years ago, Dwight underwent a series of surgeries designed to fully reconstruct his nose. The first operation was filmed for the reality show Botched. But we’re told that he underwent even more surgeries – for a more natural look:


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One of Dwight’s friends said, “Dwight got his nose fixed. His new nose looks natural on his face – and shows off just how handsome he is.

Dwight went to doctors Nassif and Dubrow on Botched to help fix his nose, which has not been functional for him for years.

Instead of breathing through his nose, Dwight has compensated by mouth breathing, and he was ready to live life again with a functional nose. The reconstruction was a success and he was so pleased with the results that he held a funeral for his old nose.

“The old nose is dead, we have bury it. But, not in despair, but in joy,” he told a gathering of his friends dressed in black.

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