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Drake Has A Gambling Addiction, Loses $10M In Minutes



Drake Reportedly Lost $10M In Minutes, Accused Of Having Gambling Addiction

Drake Reportedly Lost $10M In Minutes, Accused Of Having Gambling Addiction

Hip Hop superstar Drake is worth a reported $200M. But he lost 5% of his net worth in just a few minutes.

And according to a few prominent YouTubers, they are worried that the Drake may have a serious gambling addiction.

According to one prominent Youtuber Drake gambled publicly with an online casino on Livestream. During the course of the stream, in 90 minutes, Drake’s account balance went from $10 million up to $30 million – before he lost it all.

And that’s troubling, the Youtuber contends. In the video, he contends that Drake’s excessive betting may be a sign that the rapper has a gambling problem.

Gambling addiction is seen as a particularly harmful one, especially for rich people.

When you already have money to spend, like Drake, then it’s easy to keep spending without worry. However by the time a millionaire realizes that they have a problem, the money they’ve spent exceeds anything the average lower to middle class individual has spent.

The risks are much greater for the rich because they have a lot to lose and are likely to fall deeper into addiction before the problem is identified. And studied show that it’s difficult to cure addiction the longer it continues thus why a millionaire’s likelihood to enter severe depression is enhanced.


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