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Chris Brown Charges Fans $1,000 For VIP Meet And Greet



Chris Brown Trends After Charging Fans $1K For VIP Meet-And-Greet

Chris Brown Trends After Charging Fans $1K For VIP Meet-And-Greet

Chris Brown made headlines days back after a businesswoman revealed she’s suing the singer for over $1 million for skipping his performance at a benefit concert that was meant to help residents affected by hurricanes in the Houston area.

Apparently, Breezy is looking to make some quick money to pay up the woman.. lol because he’s out here charging fans for a VIP Meet-And-Greet.

Chris Brown is currently trending on social media following reports that he charged fans $1,000 for a VIP Meet-And-Greet. Cute pictures from the event have been circulating online, garnering mixed reactions from fans.

“Worth every dollar,” a fan commented. “It’s definitely worth it,” another user wrote. “I’m good  I ain’t paying 1000 for a hug.. hugs from loved ones is free,” someone else commented.

On Brown’s recent legal trouble for skipping his performance, during a press conference, Bailey said, “I acted in good faith and sponsored this concert out of love and respect for residents in need. I am appalled that Chris Brown refuses to refund my money for a show he did not appear to after we announced our show and sold tickets.”

“At this point, it is my humble belief that Chris Brown’s actions are parallel to pure theft. He has the unmitigated gall to take my money, stand up the residents of Houston, then return to the city to perform on August 17, 2022. My message to Chris Brown: We will not sit back and allow you to disrespect the victims of Hurricane Ida and Nicholas in need.”

That Aug. 17 date is in reference to the singer’s “One Of Them Ones” tour alongside popular Atlanta rapper Lil Baby, which they will be performing in Houston on that date.


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