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Brittney Griner Pleads Guilty In Russian Court To Drug Charges



Brittney Griner Pleads Guilty To Drug Charges In Russian Court: "There Was No Intent"

Brittney Griner Pleads Guilty To Drug Charges In Russian Court: “There Was No Intent”

Brittney Griner pleaded guilty to drug charges as her trial continued in Russian court. She admitted to bringing cannabis into the country but saying she had packed in a hurry and did not intend to break the law.

“I’d like to plead guilty, your honor. But there was no intent. I didn’t want to break the law,” she said in court.

A judge previously ordered her to be detained for the length of the trial, which her lawyer has said could last up to two months and will likely involve several hearings by the prosecution before the defense gets its turn. Another hearing is scheduled for next Thursday.

Britney can face up to 10 years in prison if she is convicted.

Brittney is a player for the Phoenix Mercury of the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA). She played college basketball for the Baylor Lady Bears in Waco, Texas.

She is the only NCAA basketball player to both score 2,000 points and block 500 shots. In 2012, the three-time All-American was named the AP Player of the Year and the Most Outstanding Player of the Final Four.

Griner was on the United States women’s Olympic team in 2016, and led them to victory at the Rio Olympics. In 2020, Griner protested the Star Spangled Banner and stated she wouldn’t be on the court while the national anthem was played during game openers. In 2021, Griner was named to the United States women’s national team for the 2020 Olympics, where she won her second gold medal.

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