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Sharina Hudson Wiki Bio; Age, Net Worth, Relationship With Kevin Hunter



Who is Sharina Hudson? All You Need To Know About Kevin Hunter’s Mistress

Who is Sharina Hudson? All You Need To Know About Kevin Hunter’s Mistress

Sharina Hudson has been caught in a love triangle between Kevin Hunter and his now ex-wife, Wendy Williams. Wendy, a popular TV show host, divorced Kevin after 21 years of marriage, after he cheated on her with Sharina.

Hudson is now a notorious personality in the media, and the attention on her is increasing. Professionally Sharina is a massage therapist.

Sharina Hudson Age, Career, Net Worth

Information about Sharina is still obscure, and there are only so few details available.

She was born sometime in 1986, in North Carolina, USA, and is of Afro-American ethnicity. Sharina hasn’t shared much about herself and her career; still, it’s known that she has been working as a massage therapist for celebrities in Hollywood, which has earned her a decent amount. Sharina Hudson’s net worth is estimated at around $500,000 as of late 2019, while apparently thanks to her romance with Kevin, she owns a lavish home of over 3,500 square feet, located in Morristown, New Jersey, which cost $765,000.


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Relationship with Kevin Hunter

Sharina has entered the celebrity scene only recently, as it was discovered that she is in a relationship with Kevin Hunter, despite reports that Sharina and Kevin have been together for more than 10 years, despite his marriage to Wendy Williams.

Kevin kept his affair with Sharina a secret, until they were discovered by photographers at the Theater District Parking Garage early in 2019. Furthermore, Sharina gave birth to Kevin’s daughter in March 2019, but they haven’t yet shared the name of Kevin’s second child.

After the romance became public, Wendy immediately filed divorce papers, and the process was finalized in September. As a result, Wendy had to pay Hunter $250,000 for his new home, as she stated that she wants him out of their house – she later listed the house for sale.

Nowadays, Sharina and Kevin are apparently enjoying their life together, and are often seen together in restaurants, market places, and various major events. Kevin showers Sharina with gifts, such as a luxurious Chanel bag, a gold Ferrari, and even a Rolls Royce convertible.


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