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Toddler Shows Signs Of Puberty After Exposure To Father’s Testosterone Gel



British Toddler Experiences Puberty After Exposure To Father’s Testerone Gel

British Toddler Experiences Puberty After Exposure To Father’s Testosterone Gel

A British toddler started showing signs of puberty after he was unknowingly exposed to his father’s testosterone gel.

Erica Brownsell says her son Barnaby experienced increased muscle growth, grew pubic hair, and increased genital size by the age of two.

However, she became concerned about her son’s continuous growth and said “he’d have massive, sustained erections and his height and weight were off the charts.” She took him to be examined by doctors in March but the physicians were reportedly stunned by his rapid aging.

Barnaby’s blood work results revealed that he had as much testosterone as an adult male and a bone density of a 4.5-year-old child as reported by Insider. Pediatric endocrinologist Dr. Tony Hulse continued to perform research on Barnaby’s case and one of his colleagues asked if the toddler was exposed to artificial testosterone treatments. Brownsell further explained that her husband had been using testosterone gel for years.

“I spent two years of my life thinking that I was protecting and taking care of him when in fact his own environment was contaminated.”

Barnaby’s dad, Peter, has a testicular condition and he applies the testosterone gel to his skin every day. Due to watching Barnaby in the mornings, that would be the time Peter would put the gel on his skin. Another endocrinologist, Dr. Benjamin Udoka Nwosu, said the gel can linger on the skin for hours, and it’s usually applied on the upper arms and shoulders.

“Barnaby will stop growing so rapidly, Hopefully, it won’t have done any long-term damage,” Hulse said in a statement to the outlet.


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