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Michael B. Jordan Spotted Out With A White Girl A Day After Lori Harvey Split



Michael B. Jordan Spotted Out With A White Girl A Day After Lori Harvey Split

Michael B. Jordan Spotted With A Blonde 1 Day After Break Up With Lori Harvey

Yesterday, Michael B Jordan and his longtime girlfriend Lori Harvey announced to People magazine that they were splitting up.

Now just one day later, reports on social media has it that Michael was spotted out in Hollywood with a woman described as a “Kardashian-looking White girl.”

Michael and Lori were one of the hottest Black celebrity couples in the world – they were both young, rich and beautiful. But before dating Lori, Michael had the reputation of preferring to date a different type of woman – in particular, non-Black women.

His last two serious relationships were both with women who could be classified as “White.” And if the social media reports are to be believed, Michael appears to be back to his old habits.

The Twitter user claimed that Michael and the White woman appeared to be more than just friends, as they laughed and hugged each other before entering the gym together – allegedly.


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In the past, Michael has defended his choice of dating White women. Once he was caught on vacation with a group of blondes, and was forced to explain why there was not a single Black woman in the group.

“Y’all are buggin’ … yes, I’m on vacation right now, okay? I’m traveling around,” Jordan said on the IG Live video. “News flash: it’s not a lot of black women in Italy, okay? It’s not, it’s just not. Sorry … I’m reading through the comments and sh*t, y’all tearin’ ya boy up. It’s too much, man. Y’all doin’ too much.”

He then went on to explain that he likes all shades of women. “I like milk, I like chocolate milk, I like almond milk, strawberry milk, you know the cinnamon toast crunch milk? That’s pretty good.”

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