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French Montana Speaks On Surviving The Kardashian Curse



“There’s No Curse That’s Why I’m Still Doing My Thing” – French Montana Says

French Montana who dated Khloe Kardashian is speaking out to share his take on it after mentioning “the curse” in his latest song.

As we previously reported, in his new song, titled “Alcatraz,” and line on the track, in particular, sees him suggest he broke “the Kardashian Curse.”

He raps, “I feel like Ye through the car crash. Feel like Ye ‘cause me and Ye killed the curse from the Kardashians.” French dated Khloé Kardashian on-again, off-again between 2013 and 2016. Although French never explained how he and Kanye supposedly broke it during his rap, he’s explaining it now.

While appearing on the Breakfast Club, French explained what he meant. “I was I was basically saying that like you know, there is no curse. That’s why I’m still doing my thing. I think that’s what I was saying in the song. I was like there is no curse, so I’m doing my thing. And Travis doing his thing.”

“You know, I just feel like you know and and shout out to them. I just feel like when you go out with them or have a have a relationship with them with anybody out there caliber. I feel like that. You know the the the media stopped picking up on your relationship life and forget about you. You know your talent, life, you know I’m saying your music life, you’re acting in life, whatever it. Is if you have the shadows.”

He continued, “Yeah you overshadows everything. You become this reality star. Well, that’s not really the goal. You know. I’m saying it could be playing basketball to do whatever it is it takes away from your game and be like yo, this guy is now this. This because you go out with this you know I’m saying so that label just change.”

Listen to him below:

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