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Escaped Texas Prisoner Gonzalo Lopez Found & Killed After 3 Weeks On The Run



Escaped Prisoner Gonzalo Lopez Killed Family Of 5 Before He Was Captured 

Escaped Prisoner Gonzalo Lopez Killed Family Of 5 Before He Was Captured

After 3 long and violent weeks, escaped prisoner, Gonzalo Lopez, has been found and killed by Texas law enforcement. Lopez did not bow out gracefully, though, killing a family of five during his time on the run.

Lopez first escaped May 12 after he was being transported from one unit to another for a medical appointment.

During the drive, he was able to get out of his restraints, fight the driver and other prison guard, and escape on the bus. As he drove away, the guards were able to shoot a tire out, causing the bus to crash. Lopez then got out and escaped into the woods.

During his time on the run, police were not initially able to pin point his location. It wasn’t until Lopez committed a horrendous crime in the area in which he escaped. Police got a call from a local concerned family member that they haven’t from one of their elderly relatives in a long time.

Authorities went to their home, where they found one adult and four children murdered inside. The truck of the adult was also gone. They believe that Lopez killed this random family and stole their car to escape.

With this information, police were able to track down the truck and locate Lopez. Once they found him, a shootout ensued and Lopez was shot and killed by law enforcement. There were at least 3 different law agencies on the case including the Office of Inspector General, Texas Rangers, and U.S. Marshals.

“I would say this is a tragedy that you had five individuals, who lost their lives,” Jason Clark of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice said. “I am thankful [though], that tonight, Gonzalo Lopez is unable to harm anyone else.”

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