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Erica Mena Blasts Kimbella Matos As One Of The Prostitute Safaree Is Talking To



Erica Mena & Kimbella Matos Trade Words On Social Media 

Erica Mena & Kimbella Matos Trade Words On Social Media

Erica Mena recently took to Twitter to blast her baby daddy, supposedly Safaree for talking about her to a prostitute.

“Talking crazy about your baby mother to your prostitute but you don’t even know your kid sizes is a weird flex. Be safe tho.”

“I really just be working hard playing both roles on a daily and clowns wanna devalue you because how valuable you really are. Shit weak but I always stay protected. Keep that prostitute pillow talk far away from me and mine.”

She continued, “Taking care of a begging Prostitute & pillow talking over buying your children a $600 stroller. Yeah this the shit I been keeping to myself but now it’s getting beyond disrespectful so here I am.”

Erica then dropped by TNT to confirm it’s indeed Safaree she was referring to. “Now y’all know exactly who has to pay for cat. It’s not the first time someone spoke on this either.”

Following Erica’s outburst, Kimbella Matos felt attacked and dropped some words on her Instagram story.

Kimbella caught up with it and blasted her for seeking attention. “You are not the only prostitute Safaree puts before his kids. Sorry to break it to you. So desperate for attention you right away assumed it was you I was referring to.” See it all below:

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