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Couple Caught Having Sex On Plane 10,000ft In Air – Video



Video Shows Couple Getting Down On Airplane 10kft In Air
Video Shows Couple Getting Down On Airplane 10kft In Air

A video is currently going viral on social media showing the moment a couple was getting down in a plane that is reportedly 10,000 ft in air.

The clip has since been garnering lots of mixed reactions from folks on social media.

“Let’s take a tripppp.. Have you ever heard that the world is yours.. on a blimpppp,” someone commented. “There’s literally a washroom,” another person wrote. “That’s wild” someone else penned.


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Video Shows Couple Getting Down On Airplane 10kft In Air

On Western airlines, over Europe or North America, if the encounter was discreet and only the stewardess noticed, then you’ll likely just be told to stop. At the other end of the scale, you can be detained and charged for causing a disturbance on a plane.

If the captain is alerted, you may find authorities waiting for you at your destination. You could face indecent exposure charges, or potentially interfering with the flight crew, which has a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison. 

You could suffer far worse consequences if you dallied on a plane registered to a country with stricter rules regarding public displays of affection, and clear rules regarding sex, such as the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar, and Indonesia. In Saudi Arabia, simply “consorting” with a member of the opposite gender can lead to flogging, lashing, or imprisonment.

In Dubai, the home of Emirates airline, and in Abu Dhabi, home to Etihad airline, kissing in public – even between married couples – is taboo, and punishable by an unpredictable UAE judicial system. Flights on airlines in predominately Islamic countries may file criminal charges based on the nature of the s*xual contact.

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