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Cam Newton Says He Made ‘Humanistic Mistake’ By Having A Baby On Ex GF Kia Proctor



Cam Newton Admits He Mad A 'Humanistic Mistake By Having A Baby On Longtime Ex Girlfriend Kia Proctor 

Cam Newton Admits He Mad A ‘Humanistic Mistake’ By Having A Baby On Longtime Ex Girlfriend Kia Proctor

Cam Newton is opening up about his cheating scandal that separated him from his longtime ex-girlfriend, Shakia Proctor. On the Pivot Podcast, he says that the entire situation changed him as a person and that it was a “humanistic mistake”.

At the time, the couple were together for almost 5 years and shared 4 children together.

Newton, who says he was on “temptation island”, was unfaithful to Shakia, resulting in another child outside the relationship with model La Reina Shaw. His son Ceaser Newton was born in 2019, causing the breakup between him and Shakia.

Now, Cam is reflecting on how this changed his view on relationships and himself as a father.

“Honestly, it was a situation, a personal situation for me,” Newton said. “My longtime girlfriend at the time [Proctor], you know, we had a family. And I made a mistake, I hurt her, and I jeopardized our family at that time and I had a child outside of our relationship.

“And, coming from where I come from, being the person who I am, nobody would ever speak on it because we got a lot of people who are in high powers still make humanistic mistakes, and I can honestly say I made a humanistic mistake.”

He says now it’s embarrassing for him to even think about it, but he’s glad he learned from the situation. “It’s just really putting certain things into perspective and, you know, it was embarrassing for me. And honestly, it is embarrassing to talk about, but everybody dont really wanna talk about real situations in life, and that molded me.

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