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Beyonce’s Cousin Angie Beyince Reacts To Saucy Santana’s Old Tweets



Angie Beyince Shares A Message Amid Saucy Santana's Resurfaced Tweets About Blue Ivy 

Angie Beyince Shares A Message Amid Saucy Santana’s Resurfaced Tweets About Blue Ivy

Saucy Santana made controversial headlines after several old tweets showed him coming for a young Blue Ivy and calling Beyonce’s pregnancy glow, “dry.

In one of the tweets, Santana replied to someone who said, “Beyoncé with that mf pregnancy glow.”

He said, “She look dry to me [shrug emoji].” Again speaking about Beyoncé, Santana previously tweeted, “I never had insecurities. I wouldn’t give af if Beyoncé was standing next to me … I’ll still think I’m prettier than her.”

In another tweet — this time about Blue Ivy — someone said, “I’m sorry but North West CLEARS Blue Ivy,” and Santana replied, “Just said this yesterday.” Santana again came for Blue after someone said, “I just wanna be Blue Ivy.” He said, “Nappy headed …. or [side eye emoji].”

After the backlash, Santana addressed his past controversial comments. “Fake woke a** b*tches!!!! People don’t care about old tweets. The internet have this weird thing with power! Thinking they have the power to cancel someone… NEWS FLASH! You don’t! Y’all be thinking y’all have someone by the b*lls about situations you don’t give a damn about.

While Beyonce is yet to release a statement on this, her cousin Angie Beyince, shared a message with a nice song choice in reaction to Saucy Santana’s resurfaced tweets.

“Dear Brown skin girls & women you are beautiful just the way you are,” Angie wrote on her Instagram story with Beyonce’s ‘Brown Skin Girl’s song playing in the background.

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