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20 Pet Cats Feed On Owner After She Collapsed Dead In Russia



20 Pet Cats Feed On Owner After She Collapsed Dead In Russia

20 Maine Coons Pet Cats Feed On Owner After She Collapsed Dead In Russia Home

An unidentified woman was discovered by police two weeks after she collapsed dead in her home. With no one to tend to them, cops say the woman’s 20 cats proceeded to feed on their owner after she died.

Police say that a concerned employee of the woman requested a welfare check. When cops arrived they found the woman’s body lifeless and partially eaten by her 20 felines.

It is reported that the woman was a cat breeder who housed 20 giant Maine Coon pedigree cats in her own home in Russia’s Bataysk, Rostov area.

Police say believe the woman had been dead for at least two weeks, judging by her decomposing remains. The cats were identified as Maine Coon cats, which are known as “gentle giants.”

Since the incident, some of the healthier cats have been resold at about $35 a pop. No word on if their new owners know about their interesting diet.

One animal rescue expert, who had helped to care for some of the surviving cats, said, “The cats were left alone on their own for two weeks, there was no food, so what else to eat? It’s understandable right? They ate what there was.”

The expert also revealed that some of the healthier cats who survived the incident have since been given new homes. However, the new owners, who paid about $35 per cat, may or may not have been made aware of their new pet’s interesting diet including human flesh.

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