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Tiffany Haddish Says She Wants To Get Paid Like A Man With A Pink D*ck



Tiffany Haddish Says She Wants To Get Same Pay As Men 

Tiffany Haddish Says She Wants To Get Same Pay As Men

Tiffany Haddish made headlines couple of years back where she cut her hair off and shaved her head while on Instagram Live, and many people accused the actress of going through some sort of mental breakdown.

Tiffany shared that it was a liberating experience. “I’m loving my little fat head,” sh said adding that shaving her head helped in order to know more about herself.

However, in a recent interview, Tiffany Haddish was asked why she cut her hair and she replied; “Because I wanted to see my scalp and I was tired of titt*es on the back of my f*cking neck.”

“What I do is very male dominated right.. so I watch how a man move and I’m trying to figure out how do I move like a man and still be a woman. I don’t want to be man but I want to be successful like a man.”

She added, “I want to get paid like a man with a pink d*ck.”

Last month, the comedian admitted she has already returned to using multiple dating apps in the hopes of finding her next beau following split up with rapper Common.

“I’m getting back into the dating scene, which means I’m on the apps: Raya, Tinder, Postmates, Candy Crush, and that therapy app BetterHelp, okay,” the Girls Trip star shared. “Hey you never know where you gonna meet a man, and if he’s a therapist it might be helpful.”


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