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The Game Slams Dr. Umar Johnson For Calling Out LeBron James Over Bronny’s Prom Date



The Game Blasts Dr. Umar: "Kids Are Off Limit "

The Game Blasts Dr. Umar: “Kids Are Off Limit “

LeBron James 17-year-old son, Bronny James, recently posted pictures of he and his prom date, Peyton Gelfuso, a White girl and it caused uproar on Black Twitter.

While Bronny and Peyton posed beautifully in their photos, the young basketball player quickly faced racist abuse for escorting a white young lady to his prom.

Trying to correlate the the father and son duo, social media had a fiesta. Folks online also dug out picture of LeBron James at the prom back in the days and he was also with a White girl.

We reported earlier that Psychologist Dr. Umar Johnson, called out LeBron James over his son Bronny James and his prom date. On Friday (May 20), Dr. Umar Johnson, shared an Instagram post calling out where King James for seemingly preaching one thing, but doing another.

Dr. Umar Johnson reposted a meme, showing a photo of Bronny and his prom date, and a caption that read, “No disrespect, but….Yo LeBron, I thought you were an activist?”

Umar Johnson has since been getting dragged for his calling out LeBron James and in time, Los Angeles rapper, The Game, chimed in to bb also check the Psychologist.

The Game said: “Literally a child & his prom date.. Lebron made it out the mud to provide a better life for his children & if his son wants to go to prom with someone of any race, he can. It’s his child & evidently both parents from both sides are fine with it. Kids are & will always be off limits. Worry bout yours !!!! N—-s always got sumn to project on others but be scared to look in the mirror at themselves. “No disrespect” then disrespects !!! Smh”

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