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Tank Denies Being Gay, Says ‘There’s A Hate For Gays In Black Community’



"Making Up Sh*t To Support Your Gay Claims About Me Won't Make Me Gay" - Tank

“Making Up Sh*t To Support Your Gay Claims About Me Won’t Make Me Gay” – Tank

Singer Tank has been making headlines following his recent interview on Drink Champs. In a new cut, Tanks says there is a hate for gays in the Black Community which reignited rumors of his sexuality.

“You know, in terms of the black community, there is a… there’s a stigma, right? And there’s there’s there’s a hate that goes along with being gay.. right,” he said.

“And oftentimes in our language to even. To even degrade a person. Alright, so the lowest we can degrade them, right? We use gay as the adjective right? That’s crazy and so that carries on even into entertainment.”

After the clip went viral, a fan hit the comments to take a jab at Tank for not coming out as Gay. “Nothing’s secure about a man that refuse to come out of the closet,” the fan wrote.

“Why lie?” Tank wrote in response. “As you can see by these comments the hate will never stop. The divide will continue as long as people lack love and understanding. You calling me gay or making up sh*t to support your gay claims about me won’t make me gay.”

He continued, “It also won’t stop me from supporting the LGBTQ community. Keep my name in your mouth cause that only makes me more legendary. Love always Win”

Some years back, Tank made an explosive statement during an interview on Angela Yee’s Lip Service 216th episode podcast. Tank said that “sucking a d*ck doesn’t make one gay” and it fueled speculations that he’s gay.

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