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Stevie J Apologizes To Faith Evans For The Hurt, Disrespect & Humiliation 



Stevie J Apologizes To Faith Evans: "Find It In Your Heart To Forgive Me"

Stevie J Apologizes To Faith Evans: “Find It In Your Heart To Forgive Me”

Stevie J has publicly apologized to his wife Faith Evans for hurting, disrespecting and humiliating her.

“Faith Rene Jordan I’ve hurt you, disrespected you and humiliated you in front of the world. From this day forward I promise to listen to your feelings and be more delicate with your heart,” he wrote on Mothers day.

“I also promise to build you up even more & to communicate daily with you, respect you and love on you until you’re as happy as you were when we got married. I’ve learned my lesson and I NEVER want to live without you because God knows I’m a better man with you and I’m asking you to find it in your heart to forgive me and allow me to rebuild our trust.”


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He added, “Happy Mothers Day x I love you.”

Similarly in November last year, Stevie apologized to his wife Faith Evans for publicly humiliating her.

“Happy holidays everybody. I’d like to make this video for my wife,” he began. “A video was released last week and it showed me talking crazy to my wife, publicly humiliating my wife. I’d like to apologize and say sorry that I would allow someone to come in my home and steal a computer and be able to do that to us,” Stevie continued.

Stevie had claimed Faith cheated on him with young men.

“You’re an amazing person. I’d like to apologize to your family. They don’t deserve that.” He added, “Nah, she didn’t cheat. I was just in the moment, you know how us guys do. I’d like to take the time to apologize to Faith and let you know I love you and I’m here for you always.”


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