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NASA Scientists Release Audio Recording Of A Black Hole At The Centre Of Perseus Galaxy Cluster



NASA Scientists Release Audio Recording Of A Black Hole & It Sounds Terrifying
NASA Scientists Release Audio Recording Of A Black Hole & It Sounds Terrifying

Scientists at NASA have released the audio of a black hole at the centre of Perseus galaxy cluster more than 200 million lightyears away from earth.

The sound waves in the were recorded by NASA’s space telescope , the Chandra X-ray observatory, in the form of astronomical data, then translated
into sound that humans can hear.

The Perseus cluster (Abell 426) is a cluster of galaxies in the constellation Perseus. It has a recession speed of 5,366 km/s and a diameter of 863′.[1] It is one of the most massive objects in the known universe, containing thousands of galaxies immersed in a vast cloud of multimillion-degree gas.

The galaxy cluster is the brightest cluster in the sky when observed in the X-ray band.[5]

The cluster contains the radio source 3C 84 that is currently blowing bubbles of relativistic plasma into the core of the cluster. These are seen as holes in an X-ray image of the cluster, as they push away the X-ray emitting gas. They are known as radio bubbles, because they appear as emitters of radio waves due to the relativistic particles in the bubble.

The galaxy NGC 1275 is located at the centre of the cluster, where the X-ray emission is brightest. In 2003 a team of astronomers led by Dr. Andrew Fabian at Cambridge University discovered one of the deepest notes ever detected, after 53 hours of Chandra observations. The sound waves appear to be generated by the inflation of bubbles of relativistic plasma by the central active galactic nucleus in NGC 1275.

In May 2022, NASA reported the sonification (converting astronomical data associated with pressure waves into sound) of the black hole at the center of the Perseus galaxy cluster.

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