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Milan Christopher’s Homeboy Rio Fights Jonathan Wright For The Bedroom – Video



Bad Boys Los Angeles' Rio Fights Jonathan Wright For The Bedroom 

Bad Boys Los Angeles’ Rio Fights Jonathan Wright For The Bedroom

Bad Boys Los Angeles has been gaining lots of tractions lately. The reality show has been filled with lots of dramas that fans wouldn’t want to miss a glimpse.

In a new video from the recent episode, Milan Christopher’s homeboy Rio can be seen fighting Jonathan Wright for the bedroom.

Milan Christopher is sitting in the closet with Jonathan Wright trying to explain to him that he’s “not sharing” his room with him. However, Jonathan was not feeling that and told Milan “This Gone Be My Room.”

Meanwhile Rio was ready to fight for his spot in Milan’s room. Watch the short clip above.

Bad Boys is a reality television series and spin-off of Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club series and Baddies. Its first incarnation, Bad Boys: Los Angeles, premiered on March 20, 2022 on the Zeus Network.

The series was first announced in November 2021 with casting beginning soon after.[1] Filming began on February 5, 2022. A teaser trailer was released on February 27, 2022. A full trailer was released on March 13, 2022.

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