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Cardi B Blamed For Splitting Up The Migos



Migos Split Up & Twitter Is Blaming Cardi B For Breaking The Rap Group

Migos Split Up & Twitter Is Blaming Cardi B For Breaking The Rap Group

We reported earlier that the Migos, one of the most popular hip hop groups in history, appear to have split up.

Quavo unfollowed Offset and Takeoff on Instagram. Then a Twitter user noticed that Cardi B and Offset no longer following Quavo and Takeoff on IG either.

After reaching out to insiders close to both Cardi and Offset, we are unable to confirm whether Migos are over for good.

But Black Twitter doesn’t need confirmation. They’ve already decided that the Migos are through, and that it was Cardi B who pulled a Yoko Ono, on the group and broke up ‘The Black Beatles.’

Here’s how Twitter is talking about Cardi’s involvement in the purported breakup of The Migos: “Cardi b is probably the reason why Migos will be splitting up,” someone tweeted.

“Cardi B ruined the migos,” another user wrote. “Weak link men blaming Cardi for the Migos breaking up…saw this one coming,” someone countered.

There seems to be some credibility to the fact that The Migos is splitting up however – at least for now. Quavo and Takeoff will be dropping new music as a duo called Unc and Phew, a reference to their familial bond.”

Their song is titled “Hotel Lobby,” set to drop on Friday, May 20. It’s not clear if Offset wasn’t feeling that move or not, but Quavo shared the promo video via Instagram.

In the caption he wrote, “Road Trip To The Hotel Lobby Friday!”


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