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Young White Boy Shows Up To House Looking For Black Daughter With A Whip



Lil Caucasian Boy Brings Whip To Woman's Doorstep Looking For Her Black Daughter

Lil Caucasian Boy Brings Whip To Woman’s Doorstep Looking For Her Black Daughter

A young caucasian boy showed up on a woman’s doorstep looking for her daughter while carrying a whip.

He soon was greeted with a few colorful metaphors from what sounded like a black mother who had zero tolerance for him banging at her door.

The video is currently trending on social media, garnering lots of reactions from folks online. “Definitely taught behavior,” someone commented.


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“And I’m glad she has footage to show exactly what happened just in case he went home and tried to lie,” another person wrote.

Last year, Texas state lawmakers capped hours of debate over how to teach kids about slavery and U.S. subjugation of people of color by advancing a controversial bill that prohibits critical theory in public and open-enrollment charter schools.

Critical race theory is the academic concept that America’s history is interwoven with racism and any study of its structures should highlight how white supremacy benefited.

GOP lawmakers said the bill only ensures students learn one race or gender is not superior to another, but some Democratic critics say it deliberately omits that white Americans created such racist institutions and laws.


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